About me

The Sea, once it casts its spell, holds one in its net of wonder forever.
― Jacques-Yves Cousteau

Anil Biswal - Underwater and Nature PhotographyNothing could describe any better the influence the ocean has had on me since I came back from my first dive. Driven by an uncontrollable urge of going back down again and again, capturing the impressions with my cameras has become quite an addiction. So scuba diving and underwater photography became a real passion.

Little by little I learned that if you only look close enough you will find that also above water nature is full of attractions worth capturing. So being out there with my camera is what I like the most.

Born in 1968 in Germany, my current home is right at the shores of Lake Constance in the very south of Germany. A wonderful place to come home to from numerous travels around the world. Though photography and travelling is something I really love I’m also very enthusiastic about my daily business which is E-Commerce consultancy.

So, if you haven’t found your net of wonders yet – get out there right now and find it!

Anil Biswal

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